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    Tell me how I can fix it if it can be helped.

    Side: Gold Tribe
    Name: Jirmonji Slynt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Title: The Swift
    Pokemon Species: Scizor

    Appearance: Other than an average Scizor looks, he has a scar across his chest in the shape of a star and golden pendant in the shape of a heart, symbolizing his love for honor and fairness.

    Personality: Jirmonji is the face of honor, and always fights for whats right. He is very friendly and always tries to socialize. He is always up front about what he says, and never talks about anyone behind their back. He hates the Silver Tribe with a passion, and wants to destroy everyone of them to avenge his brother. He has more quirks than he would ever lead to believe. He has a chronic fear of fire, and a smaller fear of death. He doesn't want to die, and will do a lot to live. He'll do anything besides betray the Gold Tribe. He still has a heart of gold.

    History: He was born in Gold City. His entire family abandoned him except for his older brother, who stayed and raised him. The reason his family left is because they recieved a warning that one day he might cause the death of a family member. His older brother strongly disagreed with him, and trained him rigorously so that one day, he could join him in the Tribe. He took him on ventures into the Korhal Mountains, the Thieves Forest, and everywhere in between fighting all evil they came across. He looked up to the Gold Tribe and saw them as idols. His older brother w as a member of the tribe, and was Jirmonji's hero. He looked up to his brother like a son to a father. He eventually managed to evolve after fighting enough evil with his brother, and became as powerful as his brother. He joined his brother in the Gold Tribe's ranks, and was as proud as ever. Jirmonji was one of the newer members of Gold Tribe when the civil war came up. He fought in the battle for Gold City beside his brother. The two of them fought side by side, beating back enemy after enemy. Eventually a Hitmonchan got a lucky shot on his brother with a fire punch, and killed him. Jirmonji raged and tore the killer to pieces and stood over his brother's body, defending it. He eventually had to scattered with the rest of the tribe that survived after defeating a large amount of enemies. He got his scar fighting a vicous Weavile that slashed his chest during the battle multiple times. After the battle, he ran off to the Korhal Mountains to grief for his brother, and to hone his skills so that one day he might avenge his brother. After years, he finally decided he was strong enough and made his way to Liberty Town to rejoin his brothers and sisters in arms.

    Moveset: Silver Wind,Metal Claw,Quick Attack,X-Scissors,Bullet Punch,Aerial Ace
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