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    Thanks for the criticism, much is needed to make this fangame good.

    Since this is only the beta version I'm working on, the emoticons are present, but in the full game, or betas after the 1st, they will be gone.

    The swearing by Mama Z was just to show she is one of the characters in the game with a continuous bad attitude every time you meet her (yeah she's a recurring character). What she says is the only form of cursing you will ever see in the game (Burgh will be fixed as well), this is just the 1st beta so I'm just trying to have the characters have a bit of freedom before things get serious.

    The cities and the main home town are the only places that will have large numbers of characters. Sapphire City and Esentlia Town as examples.

    The first beta is going to be released by the end of the week, so I would like as much criticism (good or bad) as possible.