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    I think I'm the only person here who plays it on the Wii :\

    Anywho what really grinds my gears are:
    - Hackers: The wii became a hackfest because Nintendo doesn't have a network that would bear consequences on the copy/pasters that plague the Wii
    - Dome: I mean it's an alright map and all but it's like Nuketown. If it's an option then thats what everyone will choose. It becomes a bad map due to overexposure.
    - Host rage quitting when someone gets a MOAB: Ok in the Wii there's no host migration. The game ends and after the host leaves the lobby thats when the game assigns a new host so you'll have bad players rage quit when there's a MOAB.
    - KDRs: Well ok, I don't have anything against KDRs really. Its just that I hate how people become obsessed with them. They die once or twice and then they rage and the team is left with one less player. I hate it with a passion.
    - Akimbo: Whoever thought of this needs a good slap. Well the Pistols are ok but the Machine Pistols? It's cheap. And the Wii only recieved one patch that would fix them but it hardly did a thing. That reminds me
    - Patches: We don't get them. Or map packs or anything else like that just because of Nintendo's policies and such. I don't care about map packs but I hate how we never get Patches. last patch we had was in February....
    - Quick Scoping: With the Wii mote it's pretty much "legit" aimbot if you have aim assist enabled.
    - CCP Sensitivity: When using the CCP (Classic Controller Plus) it starts at sensitivity of, maybe 3? then it gradually speeds up. Like momentum. It sounds pretty cool but when you need to turn quickly it gets annoying because you start of slow and you get killed.

    Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.