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    Hearing someone calling out to him he turned his head in the direction the voice was coming from. Hearing him say 'you two' he was a tad confused. Looking to his right down the beach he saw someone heading their way.

    "I'm doing just fine. All I needed was a good night's sleep!" Damion said in return stretching his arms over his head. "You might want to check out that guy though..." pointing in the direction of the person heading towards the make-shift camp.

    As he was surveying the camp in the brighter morning light. He caught glimpse of a girl running off to some rocks. If he had to guess, it would be to take a bath, like he already did. He then reached to his belt and grabbed 2 Pokéballs. He gently tossed them on the beach and a quick flash, out popped his Jolteon and Vaporeon.

    "Morning guys, hope you all had a good rest."He said to his Pokémon as they shook themselves and stretched. "Okay guys, I need your help with some breakfeast. Cryo, go into the ocean and find some fish, then use Water Pulse to confuse them into coming to you. Then use your Aqua Tail to knock them up into the air towards the beach. Flash, I want you to get in some target practice and zap the fish with a Thundershock. That way we'll all have something to eat! Okay, now go!" "Jolte!" "Poreon por!" They said in compliance.

    As they ran down the beach Cryo quickly dove into the waves while Flash seemed to play around at the waters edge waiting for the fish to start 'flying'. Damion packed up his bag and then started heading to the 'shelter'.

    "Hope you don't mind me putting my stuff in your... eh, hut do you?" He said to Vincent as he passed by. "Also breakfast should be 'here' in a short while if anyone wants to help."
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