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Originally Posted by AshleyKetchum View Post
Just posting this here and running away fast

I know i look horrible so yeah.
Nahh don't say that. You're look wonderful. I actually love the color assistance of blue & pink from the sweatshirt & your lip here! The lightning is like putting you on the spotlight to pose, its actually very good!
Originally Posted by Katie the Friendly Ghost View Post
Ahh new thread!

I'm so cool with my piercing and shades. Sorry for the quality. xP

Rocking them shades with the perfect shirt to go with it! Very Badassery!! I really love the hair
Originally Posted by Bloodex View Post
New thread requires Dipu!

Took this yesterday morning when I got out of bed. Don't know what's worse, the bed hair or the tacky shirt...


This one's much better. Better hair. Better shirt. I like it ;3


Say cheese!

I really am a huge fan of your hair-due in the last two photos! Very cool! Are you a photographer?