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Originally Posted by dcjboi View Post
The game where the guy controlled the electric grid is called Watch Dogs which I am looking forward too.
Thanks dcjboi . I hope it isn't a PS3 exclusive, simply cause its the only current console not in my room but if it is I'll just steal my brothers

Originally Posted by dcjboi View Post
Deadpool is my favorite Hero/Anti-Hero. I was always mad at how they ruined his image in that x-man movie. I also forgot to add:

GTA5-Another I forgot about! The GTA series is one of my all time favorite pick up and plays. I don't tend to complete them, just mess around haha

(OT) Am I the only person to think nintendo has been getting weaker and weaker?
To your second point I'm kinda with you on it but kinda not. I mean I feel that what the push is getting stronger (Mario, LoZ and Pokemon being the 3 biggest IMO). Also getting Kingdom Hearts on the 3DS as an exclusive is HUGE for nintendo, KH is a brilliant series. However it feels like some big nintendo guys are being ignored (Yoshi, Metroid, Star Fox, F Zero.) I mean I hope they are just taking their time like they did with Pikmin so its a better more polished game. However I don't thing we've had a new title from those guys in a while, just bit part roles (Yoshi in NSMBW for example) or redo's of old games (Star Fox 64 on the 3DS). Yoshi , I acknowledge, is a bit part character in a huge mario universe. However Wario has his own series of games, I feel yoshi deserves some more.

Originally Posted by Snowdrop View Post
Your name is Kimbo I love it
Thanks Snowdrop
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