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Why are the top three threads in this section, as of posting, so negative? =p
Am I the only who find the 5th generation the borest?
Nope, but that's because which games are the 'best' is a subjective thing. Some like other gens more, etc. (That said it is arguably easier given objective changes such as the removal of poison effects outside battle, higher frequency of people healing your Pokemon mid-route, a gift Lucky Egg and changed exp system favouring those who don't grind that much, etc).

I will say BW adds more things in some aspects, but in the end 4th gen offered more to do post game, and it's the staying factor that makes those more enjoyable to me. BW may have more effort put in the story, but it's also not without flaws. It has better graphics and all, but that's hardly surprising (and frankly Game Freak were obviously proud of it, coughbridgesofcameraanglescough) and I like Pokemon for its gameplay more than the graphics. BW felt too linear for my liking, and I prefer the openend-ness of say Kanto in HGSS and even part of Johto. Others prefer the other way around, and that's cool.

Certainly am considering playing HGSS again in the near future (and previously have been doing monotype challenges), as well as B2W2 when it comes out. Sometime I'd do more chaining in Platinum as well. I like both gens, so in the end I'll keep on playing both.
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