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What's your favorite legendary dog/cat?

Eh, I expect to see a bunch of similar choices here, especially since I'm bandwagoning here, being the third to say Mewtwo. I've always felt more attached to this Pokémon than any other first generation legendary, and only one that tops it on my list of favourite legendaries which I can think of at the top of my head is Lugia. I guess I mainly started liking it because it was a pretty strong Pokémon, the strongest as per how it originally was. Though Arceus is confirmed God of the Pokémon world (or just Sinnoh as that's how I remember it as, but not what most other people say) and the strongest of all Pokémon, I still see Mewtwo as the original, and no matter what crazy legendaries Gamefreak may throw at us, I'll keep believing this.
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