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    On the subject of Pickup, I'm using that to my advantage to hold on to money in Emerald right now. Zigzagoon has a permanent home in my party for the time being, and I've already snagged Ultra Potions via Pickup and even a couple of Great Balls, one of which captured Skitty when I stumbled upon it while out of regular Pokéballs. It works splendidly because I have to train to defeat a Lv.15 Nosepass in the very first Gym, and have been loitering about Rustboro training for at least a couple of days now. (Yes, I could level one up into the 20s and say screw it, but that doesn't help much later.)

    So my item collection is going splendidly right now. Pickup is a very useful ability to have available early in the game. I tried one beta without such Pokémon available and no items lying around and found it to not be much fun in the early stages.

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