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    Malik woke up with a Wingull screaming in his ear. "Shut up!" he shouted at it then shooed it away. He had been asleep for about two hours, and the boat had arrived. He needed to get everything done before he left. Alright, I need to stock up on items. I saw a Pokemon Center, and their has to be a Pokemart. He started to walk in that direction, but on the way he noticed someone get on the boat. Yes, another trainer! Just something to look forward to while he was finishing preparations.

    He finally arrived at the Pokemart, and walked inside. He sauntered up to the clerk. "Excuse me sir, I would like four potions, two full heals, and an escape rope." the clerk nodded and went to the back room to gather the supplies he ordered. Malik reached into his pack and pulled out the correct amount of money. He then realized something, This used to be my parent's money. He almost broke down crying, but caught himself. I'm a pokemon trainer now. I can't cry.

    The clerk came back out with the stuff he asked four. He put the potions in one of his backpack's side pockets, the full heals in the back pocket, and the escape rope in the large section. He relocated his pokeballs to his left pocket, and the Pokedex to his right. He put Venom and Fin's pokeballs on his belt's holsters, and all the food in one sack that he kept in the big section. He payed for the stuff, and walked out the door.

    He walked towards the entrance of the Route 29 this time, and sat on the entrance, waiting for possibly another trainer. He got comfortable and released Fin and Venom. "Well guys, we missed someone, but we're gonna catch someone else. I'm sure of it." he said reassuringly. They just nodded and started to play around with each other. Hunter laughed. To be young again...