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    Ok, I am posting to say that soon there will be a new update! It will go up to the Driftveil Gym, meaning you can do everything up to the entrance of Chargestone Cave, and a few more things have been edited as well, for example, the first leaders won't use the monkeys (I don't like them, sorry for those who do), but a different not fully evolved Pokémon. I have to edit a few things, and when I have them, I'll post the new version here. Sorry if this is running slowly, as I am writing the moveset edits I'd like to implement in the game in a text document, and after I have them, I'll put them in the game, but 649 Pokémon means that is slow (now I am in Clefairy's line: #35...)

    Also, If someone tries or has tried the game, please, tell me if the levels are right or not, or if it is too easy or too difficult in some parts. I need information, as it is my very first hack, and I don't know if I am doing things properly...

    There is something else. When I finish this, I plan to release a White version of the hack. It will have different starters (Cyndaquil, Mudkip, and Turtwig), and a few changes.
    Pokémon Trial Black will be coming soon! Explore Unova again in a challenging adventure with multitude of changes!

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