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    Originally Posted by casacaos View Post
    i think its great!! continue and dont give up!

    Originally Posted by RESHIRAM123 View Post
    good graphics but filesize is too large
    Yeah, mainly because of the graphics the game is pretty big in terms of filesize. If you want to, I can release special versions of the game with static sprites instead of animated sprites. This would reduce the size significantly.

    Originally Posted by Nimphious View Post
    Gave this a quick play through and thouroughly enjoyed it. Great work.
    Thank you very much!


    I want to release a new version of Pokémon Deep Balance at the end of this month and this release will feature various new things. First, it will be based on Essentials v9 which is a great release in my opinion. The new release will also feature animated sprites, a new Pokedex, and most importantly: a different storyline. A big part of the plot will be unchanged, but a few major things are edited. If you've got any more ideas for the game, feel free to leave a comment.

    Here is a link to the updated Pokedex. I don't want to embed it on this page because it would make loading the page take more time as it's a pretty big image. You can view the updated Pokedex here.