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Game: Heart Gold
Player: Dovakin
Gender: Male

Akatosh | Male | Gentle | Lv 14
Scratch, Growl, Water Gun, Rage

Krosis | Male | Mild | Lv 10
Leech Life, Super Sonic, Astonish

Sheogorath | Male | Serious | Lv 11
Rage, Defense Curl, Yawn

Clavicus | Male | Impish | Lv 11
Vine Whip, Growth, Wrap

It took a while to raise my team to levels I liked in order to take on the Gym Leader. First I went back to Route 31 and added a Bellsprout to my team. I haven't trained one before so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to try one out just like Dunsparce.

Once I caught Bellsprout it was on to the Ruins of the Alph to train my team. The Unown were surprisingly tough for the team at low levels but after a while my guys pulled through. I spent most of my time training in the ruins until I was satisfied with the levels I had and then went onward to Sprout Tower.

The climb of the tower was pretty uneventful. I battled the sages and that was pretty much it which was rare for me cause its usually a wild battle every 2 steps in there XD. After breezing the way up and getting to the Sage in charge, I quickly beat him and readied myself for the real challenge.

Visiting the Pokemon Center and Mart, I fully healed and stocked up on some much needed items then went on to face Falkner. Dunsparce and Zubat took out Falkner's Pidgey really easily and Totodile mopped the floor with Pidgeotto. With Zephyr in hand I'm off to Azalea.
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