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    Originally Posted by machomuu View Post
    Well they've gotta have some variety, right? And in his case, Akihiko was into Boxing in Persona 3 for various reasons (he even fought with a Boxing Fighting Style), so it'd be pretty out-of-character if they changed him.
    Well I know nothing about Persona and this may very well will be my first game in the whole Shin Megami Tensei series, but I'm not getting it as a Persona game but rather a fun 2D fighter.
    I'm very well aware he's purely an in-fighter though, but my remark wasn't exactly towards him but rather the fact other boxing styles haven't got exposure in fighting game. It's nothing more than just me who would love to see an out-fighter/classic boxer or a counter fighter in a fighting game, being someone who enjoys the sport. But honestly I don't mind more in-fighters.

    Anyway, I'm loving what I'm seeing of Naoto, and I love the way she can control both ground and aerial space in battle, but I figured out that her defensive options are pretty bad (traps disappear when hit? ugh..) and her low health isn't helping. I should've specifically mentioned that I liked DEFENSIVE zoners and space controllers rather than offensive ones. I'm still planning on maining her day 1, since a zoner is still a zoner but her horrible defense and health is kind of turning me off on her. At least her pokes seem to be pretty good.

    I'm liking Akihiko the more I see of him. But I like all boxer characters anyway.

    Honestly right now I'm looking for a third character, since this game seems to be one that I could actually have three mains without much trouble. More character, more fun I say! I'm thinking of Labrys right now since I love me some heavy hitters.

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