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Sovereign & Vera Fayos

Sovereign and Vera had been walking all day stopping only to eat, and the sun was beginning to set. "If we keep walking we should be there by midnight, right?" asked Sovereign. Vera looked up suddenly. She had been distant all day. "Yeah. We should," she said. Sovereign could tell she didn't want to go to Albia. He knew all about her childhood, and really couldn't blame her.

"Let's set up camp for the night. We'll get up early and reach Albia before business starts in the city." Vera smiled half-heartedly and nodded. Vera collected some wood and started a fire, while Sovereign gathered foor to cook. Soon, the moon was over head, and they were ready to rest. Vera stared into the fire as Sovereign laid down to sleep on a nearby boulder. "Don't think too much on it Vera. You need your rest too." But she was silent. Sovereign left it alone as he closed his eyes. The sounds of the forest and the fire began to fade away.

Do you remember the day I gave you your name? He opened his eyes to a familiar sky framed by tall mountains. The sun was high. As he looked around he could see a lone Pupitar laying on the ground, treated for serious injuries. He also recognized an ancient stone structure nearby. "Rise my son," came a deep voice from the stone structure. The Pupitar opened his right eye. His left eye had been badly injured, and he could not open it no matter how hard he tried. After a little struggle, he stood up. He wasn't used to this new form, and it was difficult to move around without legs. "Come to me," boomed the deep voice.

And so the Pupitar proceeded, and Sovereign followed. Once inside, he found himself gazing upon a great hall, lined with statues of great Legendary Dragons. Palkia and Dialga. Zekrom and Reshiram. Giratina and Kyurem. High in the temple, Latios and Latias were rendered like gargoyles watching over them. At the end of the hall, there was a shrine with a statue of Arceus himself. At the foot of the shrine there stood a Garchomp, waiting patiently. The Pupitar approached him.

"My name is Erratt Chronos, keeper of lost knowledge. What is your name?" asked the Garchomp. "I don't have one," the Pupitar responded. "There is a name for all things in this world. You are no different my son." The Pupitar suddenly came to a realization. "You're my father?!" Erratt smiled at him. "I am." Sovereign remembered this day clearly. It was the day he met his father. "What is this place?" asked the Pupitar. Erratt looked up and said, "This is Draco Temple. Long ago, when dragons segregated themselves from the rest of the world, they would gather here to share knowledge and test their strength." Erratt paused. "I am the keeper of this temple. I make sure that we never lose this part of our heritage."

"You have a gift my son." The Pupitar looked up in surprise. "You are unique. Dragon's blood flows through your veins. I can teach you to harness that strength. Is that what you want?" The Pupitar thought about this for a while. It was a lot to process. "I do! Train me to beat my mother! I have to win!" Erratt's smile lessened. "Outrage is both a blessing, and a curse. It grants its user unfathomable power, but at the terrible cost of self control. Are you certain?" The Pupitar now had a determined look on his face. "I am."

"Then you will need a name. Henceforth, you shall be known as..."

Sovereign. Wake up!

Sovereign opened his eyes once again to see Vera standing over him. "We need to get moving. The sun's about to come up."