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    Originally Posted by HyperXhydra View Post
    So I thought about this idea being Steven the champion, Wallace in the rematches.
    I think the console would be the DS, but it would have extra features in the 3DS. will 100% not be DS, but 3DS.

    I mean really, can you imagine the release of another set of main games for the DS in a typical autumn of 2013, and then getting translated releases perhaps by spring 2014? I don't.

    Besides I'm pretty sure what you're suggesting isn't something nintendo would want to contemplate. Creating DS carts that have extra features for 3DS I mean, since BW2 for example have no 3DS features themselves, but can merely connect with the Dreamradar game. DS and 3DS carts are different things.

    3DS is not an improved DS, it is a new handheld, unlike DSi which added cameras and the kind of DS games that have extra features for DSi... this is not the case now.