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    @Vato: yeah it was abra ha, sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to try and make it a bit more "real" in relation to my character :]

    Salias Grey
    Route 1

    The pokeball continued to shake back and forth until ultimately coming to a halt in his hand. The Abra was caught!

    Salias held on to the pokeball containing his new team member as a smile cracked across his face. He turned to his eevee. "You were fantastic. You kept up the intensity and followed my directions. You really trust me don't you?" He patted the pokemon on the head as he complimented his friend.

    "You landed that attack faster than I could even follow with my eye in the dark! It's like you were a shadow...hey! That sounds like a great nickname for you, what do you think?" Eevee bounced in place at the sound of his new name and playfully rubbed against Salias' knee.

    "You did a great job, but our new friend needs some care. Time to pay nurse joy a visit." He returned shadow to his pokeball and hurried back towards pallet town to find the pokemon center. Once back at the town Salias noticed the profile of a large ship on the horizon. "I almost forgot!" he thought as he thrust his hand into his pocket, his ticket clenched between his fingers.

    Welcome to the pokemon center, how can we help you?"

    "No need to be so formal nurse joy." he said with a warm smile. "I need you to take a look at my new abra I just caught, he put up a great battle. Might as well check up on Eevee, or should I say Shadow, while we are here."

    The nurse happily helped and she took the pokeballs into the back to be treated. While waiting Salias retrieved the ticket from his pocket and brought it in for a closer look.

    "The S.S. Libra.." he said quietly to himself. This ticket was his chance to see the world, to explore all that it had to offer him and to see how he could help with all of the devastation that had happened across all of the regions. "Maybe even see you again too, mom and dad."

    The nurse returned with happy and healthy pokemon. Salias thanked her and walked over to the pc to get his supplies out of his storage box. It wasn't much, a couple of potions and a repel, but it was better to be prepared for anything considering what has happened recently. He gathered his things and left the building. Once outside he glanced at his ticket again, only to realize that the ship was scheduled to leave tomorrow morning, not leaving any real time for goodbyes. It was better this way though, and with that he headed towards the docks to board the ship.

    As he came closer he noticed that there were already several people aboard as well as some crew members helping people with their things and attending to the ships needs. The ship was enormous, bigger than any ship he had ever seen. Once on deck Salias saw a few other kids around his age, some of them probably trainers too. He wasn't sure what to do or where to go first. A man in a sleak blue uniform approached him, "Your ticket please young man." "Oh sure, here you go." he handed the ticket over. He went over to the railing and peered over the side. Salias couldn't help but glance back over his shoulder at the trainers he saw when he boarded the ship as he stood quietly, watching.
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