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    Tim Korinal

    Masculine values? He didn't really understand that, but he got that she just called him silly. For not being afraid of Nick's strategy? Then Hailey started spouting more smart-person words, but Tim managed to get the gist of it. It annoyed him, but before he could get a word in to argue, Dominick interrupted.

    "You'd be killing any kids there if you do that!"

    "R-right!" Tim added. "Hurting kids is exactly what we're trying to avoid here!" He quickly assumed that Hailey didn't plan on the other spirit users to get any warning on her attack. While it seemed okay since spirit users can withstand quite a bit of punishment, a super-boosted attack like what she said was going to decimate anyone that didn't have a resistance or a ton of stamina to endure it all, and even then they probably wouldn't want to live with the damage. "Plus, we're trying to rid the city of adults. We want the kids to have more freedom in the only livable places left, we're not gonna do that by killin' 'em!"

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