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    Seraphina Densetsu (Divine Water)

    As Tsurara helped her sit up Mai woke up slightly and nuzzled against her hand. Seraphina patted her link before Mai fell back asleep and she turned back to her big brother noticing the concern on his face. Tsurara told her she had fallen ill during the ceremony and he had taken her home. He then twirled one of his hands slightly and then placed a small bean that was glowing rose-red. She was told to eat it and then was asked how she ended up falling sick.

    Seraphina ate the small bean after it was handed to her. She never questioned it when he gave her something, because she knew that Tsurara would never give her something that could harm her. "W-Well" she started only pausing to cough a few times and she winced. "I've been sneezing for a few days, but I thought it was because I was out in the forest. I know it has been raining a l-lot" she coughed again. "but I h-had to find those herbs Oni-Chan" she sighed and coughed once more sneezing as well. "m-maybe I got something from being out in the woods so much while it was raining" she said softly her voice getting hoarser and her throat was dry. Really that was all she could think of, really what else could have made her sick, it's not like she was poisoned or something.