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    Originally Posted by ShadowExcadrill View Post
    *Required Section*
    Preferred In-Game Name: CABAL (where should that came from haha)
    Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
    Pokémon #1: Excadrill
    Pokémon #2: Hydreigon
    Pokémon #3: Blaziken
    Pokémon #4: Sceptile
    Pokemon #5: Electivire
    Pokémon #6: Blastoise

    *Optional Section*
    i have no idea's for speeches or a graphic to use atm...
    Fair enough, that works LOL. Your entry has been accepted.
    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    Hello, saw this & I'm lovin' it. Just wanna enter the game too.

    *Required Section*
    Preferred In-Game Name: Mid
    Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
    Pokémon #1: Salamence
    Pokémon #2: Dragonair
    Pokémon #3: Dragonair
    Pokémon #4: Charizard
    Pokemon #5: Sceptile (With Dragon Pulse)
    Pokémon #6: Lucario (With Dragon Pulse)

    *Optional Section* (Use Brendan's OW from Wesley FG at DevainArt, here's a link, if not, I can create some)
    Overworld Speech: Hey, wanna battle?
    Battle End Victory Speech: Better luck next time.
    Battle End Loss Speech: That was fun, thanks.
    Custom Graphic:
    I can use your custom graphics. Consider your entry accepted!
    Originally Posted by mineox100 View Post
    This sounds fun, might as well join!

    *Required Section*
    Preferred In-Game Name: Mineox
    Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
    Pokémon #1: Aggron
    Pokémon #2: Magmortar
    Pokémon #3: Vaporeon
    Pokémon #4: Sceptile
    Pokemon #5: Electivire
    Pokémon #6: Honchkrow

    *Optional Section*
    Overworld Speech: Looks like another came! Well, you're gonna be beat before you can start!
    Battle End Victory Speech: Ha! Another one bites the dust!
    Battle End Loss Speech: What?! How is this possible? Well, congratulations for winning!

    Custom Graphic:
    Glad to find you like this idea! Entry accepted!
    Originally Posted by oldbarrel View Post
    *Required Section*
    Preferred In-Game Name: Vander
    Trainer Type: PKMN Trainer
    Pokémon #1: Charizard
    Pokémon #2: Metagross
    Pokémon #3: Swampert
    Pokémon #4: Gengar
    Pokemon #5: Staraptor
    Pokémon #6: Umbreon

    *Optional Section*
    Overworld Speech: Prepare to be washed up!
    Battle End Victory Speech: I knew you were nothing!
    Battle End Loss Speech: Hmph, you got lucky.
    Custom Graphic:
    Accepted. You're good to go!
    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post

    I meant for our custom trainers but this was an usual piece of information as well =D
    Oh, now I see what you mean! LOL, yep, custom trainer movesets are allowed, but you must provide them. I don't wanna search for them, but as long the person who enterd has provided the movesets themselves.

    So, I will be currently using the default tilesets in Pokémon Essentials. Ya know, FR/LG style ones. But, I can improve the graphics to something more recent, if you all so desire. It's up to you guys, so post your opinions! They are welcome!

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