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    Feedback: *I played the buggy "lv10" version and I haven't seen any glitches this far though. Didn't check whether there is already an update for it out or not.

    I also think it was annoying that every single trainer healed their pokemon with potions and the fact that gym leaders have plenty of them was even more annoying...

    What I'm going to come with it is the fact that in original pokemon games, you're let to believe that you will defeat the enemy with your next move, whether would it be a Quick Attack or something else but instead you've to watch the trainer heal up its pokemon again, battle it till the end and watch it heal again...
    Two healing items for each trainer is way more than enough, I think it would be good if each trainer would be carrying one item for instance which could also be a status healing item (and yet not Full Heal so they wouldn't use it all the time either).

    And more critique to come...

    The fact that trainers become stronger after each gym and can be re-battled again (I just thought it could work this way because I only beat the first leader and quitted because didn't like the to play because of how trainers work.) is one unique feature but I didn't like it. Especially seeing after the first gym, I was no match to another gym leader which I thought I would be able to beat now. And the motivation to continue playing was even lower as I simply thought that after beating this gym leader, I still have to grind and re-battle these trainers over and over again until I can beat the 3rd gym leader which has probably gotten a lot stronger too after the 2nd gym.

    Or might also put it this way; the fact that you can re-battle the trainers is a nice feature but it doesn't really work in the way you implemented because the beginning of the hack until beating the 3rd gym leader is full of annoyance if you really have to pull it off the way I believe it had to be done.

    Overall, the story was okay and the game has nice graphics. I also liked how the game started out until I reached that town where the ship was supposed to take off. That's all I can say for the positive things though :\

    For fixing this up, I'd suggest a significant difficulty drop. So basically, after you've beaten the first gym leader, the trainers could be re-battled again but wouldn't have changed much (or at all) and same for the gym leaders, their pokemon could have been gone up by a level or at maximum, two.
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