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    The ball shook once and James held his breath. Twice and Gracie let out an excited growl, three times and James' eyes grew wide. Then it clicked and he let out his breath, wearing a pleased smile as Gracie did a little hop towards the pokeball.
    James picked up the sphere and tapped the button, letting his new companion out with a small smile and crouched low, gently scratching the sentret behind the ears.
    "What am I gonna call you?" he smiled as the sentret nuzzled into his hand, enjoying the new sensation of a friendly scratch. "Hmm... Something with an f... Forte?" the sentret shook his head, "Franklin?" another shake of the head, "Flint?" the sentret looked deep in thought for a moment before grinning and nodding. "Alright, welcome to the team Flint. This is Gracie," James smiled as he scooped the cyndaquil up in on arm and stretched out his other for the sentret to climb up and when he did, James just smiled wider.
    Gracie looked curiously up at Flint and waved at him a bit.
    she said a bit shyly. James of course couldn't understand and continued walking back towards Cherrygrove.
    Flint complimented from James' shoulder, smiling politely at her and making her blush slightly and berry her head in James' chest and Flint giggled, Gracie didn't reply but her blush just grew although the sentret couldn't see it.
    At that moment, James spotted another trainer sitting on a fence post with two pokemon running around in front of him although he couldn't tell what at this distance. After a few more meters, he saw them to be a todadile and a weedle; he just hoped the trainer wouldn't want to battle, at least not now since both Gracie and Flint were hurt after their battle. Aside from that, Gracie seemed kind of out of it since she was hiding her face and he had no idea why. James sighed and started walking past the other trainer, giving him only a friendly smile and nod, acknowledging him.
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