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Originally Posted by mralexs View Post
By using walk through walls, i found a place on route 3-b where you can infinitely catch a lvl 10 zapdos. I still can't find the event where you can get rock smash! SOME ONE TELL ME!!!
Lol... level 10 Zappy xD Me gusta xD
Rock Smash is available throughout the mentioned event.
If it doesn't work for you, you have missed something.

Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
Though a Hyper Ball would be cool. Stronger than an Ultra Ball, mayhaps?
Hyper Ball actually IS Ultra Ball
Ultra Ball is just American thingy. Japanese version has Haippa Booru which is Hyper Ball.

Oh man, how I hate deleting your name... :/ Could you stop it? It's pretty annoying deleting it everytime :/

Originally Posted by miksy91 View Post
What I'm going to come with it is the fact that in original pokemon games, you're let to believe that you will defeat the enemy with your next move, whether would it be a Quick Attack or something else but instead you've to watch the trainer heal up its pokemon again, battle it till the end and watch it heal again...
Then use that Quick Attack.
Let's have a situation.

Charizard vs Venusaur
Charizard uses Flamethrower
Venusaur uses whatever
Venusaur has red HP
Charizard uses Scratch/Slash/whatever weak to finish it.
Trainer heals Venusaur
Now Venusaur has HP that can be killed with Flamethrower
Charizard uses F-T, end.

Where's the waste of PP?
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