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    hi this is a fanclub for those with a love of absol. like me!
    you can chat about absol
    post your sprites/drawings involving absol
    basically it is the no 1 fanclub for absol on pokecommunity, well it is the only one isn't it

    we all have them, we all need them
    follow all pc rules
    stay on topic( absol is the topic)
    be nice
    have fun
    and use absol rules in your first post or else i will ban you (read spoiler)
    just a joke

    sign up before posting

    sign up
    yes this is neccesery
    the best pokemon alongside absol
    why you like absol so much
    awnser current topic

    current topics
    for your sign up
    create a good moveset for absol and give reasons
    what is the biggest threat for absol

    and how high up they are
    psystar63(co leader)

    can somebody make them( pm me them)
    none at the moment

    hoping for people to join

    the one and only absol fanclub leader
    my black 2 fc 1979-8982-9170

    Good trade shops:
    I loveevee's