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[23:18:10] <@Sector> I'm going, I want to fall asleep before the boss gets out of shower. Later
[23:18:23] <~Olli> lol
[23:25:45] * ShiningRaichu is now known as GrumpyRaichu
[23:29:26] <~Olli> I'm bored
[23:37:03] <+skyfullof[lighters]> ummm am i just a annoying to him?
[23:37:04] <+skyfullof[lighters]> :(
[23:37:31] <~Olli> No, I don't think he meant it like that
[23:37:56] <+GrumpyRaichu> Sector is sleeping with his boss?
[23:37:59] <+GrumpyRaichu> What in the world...
[23:38:14] <+skyfullof[lighters]> well he means me
[23:38:19] <+skyfullof[lighters]> but i don'tthink...he's sleeping with me
[23:38:30] <+GrumpyRaichu> OH
[23:38:38] <+GrumpyRaichu> I thought like, his boss was in the shower at his house
[23:38:57] <~Olli> lolol
[23:39:08] <+skyfullof[lighters]> XD

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