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Originally Posted by S7Kid View Post
1. What boards are you most interested in?

Current Generation Pokémon Gaming.

2. What boards are you most interested in getting to understand?

Black and White, Trade Corner and Competitive Battling Center.

3. What other boards are you willing to venture in?

Uhm, Pokémon Clubs I guess. I'll probably get into the other areas eventually.

4. Are there any specific things you like to do while you're here?

Try to catch up with the new generations (The current meta, new moves, builds and all that stuff) and meeting new people.
& a big welcome to you, S7Kid. :D Current Generation Pokemon Gaming is a broad board, as we have mentors for separate sections. If you can tell me which area of that section you are willing to learn more about, that would be totally be splendid. :D I will let you know now that all mentors from Black & White, Trade Corner, and Competitive Battling Center (except for PlatinumDude) are available. :)