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    Rion Mazer

    The announcement awoke Rion from a deep slumber. It hadn't been peaceful because nothing to him was particularly so. The world consistently buzzed with sounds and sensations that never processed properly, leaving him befuddled and slow. But... it had been nice, soothed by the good luck charm he had been given. Slowly, he blinked his eye open, staring blankly at the headboard. He had no clue where he was... again.

    ... Oh... oh he was at that tournament. Yeah... and he had... made a friend... or something? He guessed... his head was very, very fuzzy. Urgh... he needed more sleep. But he couldn't. That person was talking... talking very loud. Go to a... stadium? The stadium? Oh... well... okay... if that was what they wanted. Slowly Rion sat up, rubbing at his face to get some stiffness out of his system. "Mun..."

    Deena heard this noise and languidly padded over at the sound of him sleepily plopping over on the mattress. She knew what was going to happen next. Sure enough, seconds later Rion had rolled unceremoniously off the bed and landed on her back semi-conscious. Deena sighed. He would wake up more fully in a while she supposed. She gave Dante a look of vague curiosity and the Pokemon sighed, rising to his white paws and padding after them. Alan would find them soon enough.

    Deena didn't really notice the human's weight on her back. She had carried him before and would do it again if she must. Now where the stadium was... oh. It was likely where all the lights were. How human.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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