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    Well................what are we comparing?

    the region?
    the pokemon?
    the story?
    the evolutions/pre-evos they added?
    the villains?
    the graphics?
    the amount of nostalgia gained?
    or which generation is the fav on most of these questions?

    I have different answers for each of these.
    And I like the equivalent parts of different generations for different reasons, because they are done differently.

    For example in terms of pokemon,
    simply comparing hundreds of unique designs with other hundreds of creatures at the same time is not an easy task to begin with,
    but I cannot even directly compare them as each generation introduced pokemon with a different purpose.
    So generation IV was trying to be the cherry on the cake, by complimenting the prevous 3 generations, while generation V was all about a completely unrelated fresh start.

    I can see how one would compare certain groups and roles, like starters, legendaries, fossils and so on... but much further from that I have a very hard time taking anyones preference about this serious or meaningful without a page of elaboration of what they took into consideration.