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    Originally Posted by Prof Oakley View Post

    okay, keep in mind I haven't added decorative items like benches, trees, shrubs, etc. Nor have I edited some of the edge trees to be different. This is just the overall look of the main city in my game.'s way too big. Way too square, and way too empty. Even if you add benches, trees, or anything else i have the feeling it will still feel empty. I suggest making it smaller, and if you need more space make it bigger gradually. That way you'll make sure the map is correctly filled and on its right proportions. Also play with the trees, the shape of the river, the streets and all those things to make it look way more natural. Don't know what's going on there, but i guess it's part of your story. Moving on...


    I have two questions -

    How many species do you think i should add to a forest like this? I first had 8 different species in the morning, 8 in the night, and 7 in the day, but i think that's a bit too much...any ideas?

    What do you think of this grass? Do you think it fits the map or a Gen 3 grass tile would be better? (It's a gen 3 styled game, btw)

    That being said, looking forward to your advice and opinions!

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