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    Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
    If you want to skip the story, you can go into the options and turn on Unread Text Skip. Then you can just hold R2 (I recommend getting it for the PS3) and go straight to the choices and fighting in Story Mode. (That said, I really recommend going through the different storylines; each one's just so different [though mostly hilarious] and you get a good feel for the characters, even if you've never even heard of the Persona series before.)
    I probably won't skip the story, even if I don't understand what's going on for the most part. Though the more I see of this game, the more interested in the characters I get so I'm thinking of getting a general idea of Persona 4 before playing. (And 3, maybe.) Is the anime a good adaption or do I need to play Persona 4 to know what's going on?

    And yeah I'm dead set on the PS3 version, since apparently it's the definitive version and I honestly want to try fightpads instead of just using an arcade stick all the time for my fighting games.
    Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
    You'll probably enjoy playing as both Labrys and Shadow Labrys. Great range with the giant axe (which is called a labrys |D ) and a decent variety of attacks when you use their Personas. Also, if you like Naoto, then you'll likely feel right at home with Aigis. (You may very well hate Elizabeth, though, considering she's a jack-of-all-trades/mercilessly-innocent kind of fighter.)
    Thanks for the suggestions! Labrys definitely, but not Shadow Labrys. Because from this...
    You might not like Shadow Labrys if.....
    • You have no interest in using one of the more complex characters in the game
    • You're not okay with having low-damage output outside of awakening
    • You don't like keeping track of two characters(examples - Carl Clover / Liesollotte)
    ...I probably won't like her, since I'm not interested in a mix-up heavy character with low-damage output at the moment. But I'll definitely give her a try, because who knows, I loved Strider in UMvC3 and she kind of reminds me of him.

    I don't know about Aigis. She seems to be one of the hardest characters to pick up, and as much as her playstyle is appealing to me, I HATE stance characters. (Should have mentioned that.) Plus, her character in general is something I really don't like. Naoto is a detective so that was a plus for me, and the more I see of her the more I'm liking her. Apparently she can switch from playing a keepaway game to rushdown and vice versa, which is AMAZING for me. I love characters who can do that. (Dormammu for instance.)

    About Elizabeth. From what I read about her, she actually seems like a character I'd like. Long range zoner, close range grappler? Sounds pretty fun, and I like annoying characters. (<333333 Guile and Firebrand.) Definitely gonna give her a try, but her character isn't too appealing sadly.

    I'm dead set on maining Naoto and Akihiko, but finding a third character is harder than I thought haha. Probably should wait until I get the game before deciding.

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