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    The squawking of a flock of Wingulls overhead, a strong coastal breeze, and a bright morning sun, the setting was almost idyllic. Oh how she longed to remain in the surf, the nagging feeling to be productive continued to rear its ugly head however. “I guess I should dry off,” Victoria mumbled to herself reluctantly. Casting her gaze back towards the beach, the riptide had carried her a good distance from her clothing location. She quickly walked in a parallel direction of the shore and noticed the cooperation of a Vaporeon and Jolteon. They looked to be part playing, part fishing. It really was cute and smart at the same time.

    “What a good idea,” she remarked with satisfaction. At least everyone would be well fed this morning, even if fish wasn’t exactly her favorite meal choice. Finding the largest rock possible, and carefully stretching out upon it; she let the warmth of the sun and the faint residual heat of the boulder begin to dry her and her undergarments.

    Bored just laying there, she picked up Pixie’s pokeball and twirled it amongst her fingers for but a second, before calling her out. The little Vulpix let loose a yawn and cast a hurtful glare in Victoria’s direction. Obviously still harboring a bit of a grudge for being chastised the night prior. Pixie turned her back to Victoria, her tails the only thing presented in her direction.

    “Uhm, listen Pixie...I owe you an apology...” Victoria cleared her throat before continuing. “I guess if you hadn’t led us to those berry trees, I never would have found Kelsey trying to get my way back to Bliss. So... in a way, you helped us find her more than I ever could.” The little Vulpix still seemed upset, the apology obviously not meeting her standards.

    “Come on, don’t be that way. What do you want from me? It’s a tough situation out here, and maybe I reacted a little harshly. I’m sorry, I really am,” The tone in Victoria’s voice grew a little sad, but serious at the same time.

    Pixie turned around, head bowed in submission and acceptance. “Pix, Vul-pix pi,” She mewed, her steps taking her closer to Victoria. Pixie curled up along side her, happy to be with her trainer again. About as happy as Victoria was to have reconciled their differences.

    “Well, what do you say? I’m just about dry, want to go and see what the others are up to? It looks like there might be some fish to eat in a little bit, what do you say we go start a fire in preparation?”

    Sitting up and judging the dampness of her garments acceptable, Victoria rung her hair out, still severely wet, she let it hang down and slung it over her left shoulder. Putting on her clothes, she had to admit, as much as she hated shorts, it might be time soon to cut off the legs of these pants. No good would come from the chaffing material on her legs all day.

    She finished getting dressed, pleased that nobody had seen her this whole time. Strapping on her belt, she slipped the goggles over her head, past her hair and decided to wear it like a choker around her neck. The position was better suited than being on her head while her hair was down. One last check to make sure everything was in order, and she started off toward the shelter, little Pixie frolicking along in tow, careful to avoid any pools of tide water.

    Quickly gathering a bundle of leaves and a few sparsely available dry sticks. She quickly called Bubba to the scene, pointed to the ground and commanded him to dig. A decent fire pit revealed itself, just deep enough to contain any stray embers caught in the wind. Throwing the sticks in, Pixie stepped up and gave a small spit of an ember on the kindling.

    Before long, a pleasant fire was started; all the better to cook and finish drying by.
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