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Valorie Rider/Mark Wilson

I guess you could say that." Valorie said in a light-hearted manner. Was it 'popular' when the teachers challenged you to make you prove yourself? She reflected on her battle with Drake very briefly. It had been a somewhat emotional ordeal. Meanwhile, Dragonite responded to Snype with a simple, somewhat reluctant 'I guess so..!'. Mark interrupted Valorie's thoughts by continuing however. He talked about his day for a bit and Valorie wound up smirking at him. "You think so?" The thought of Mark having become equally strong was intriguing to say the least. "I guess we'll have to find out!~" She had a somewhat haughty tone to her voice as she said this.

After a moment Mark continued again, this time noticeably more... shy? She considered his question. "Well... my parents are coming--Probably not my father, but my mother will be coming. She'll probably want to spend time with me..." She spoke thoughtfully., considering her options. "...But maybe you could meet them?" Valorie offered in a light-hearted tone. She secretly very much wanted to see her father, but with his tendency to be halfway across the world at any given time it was difficult for him to set dates aside. She knew better than to get her hopes up.

Parent huh, well Mark could understand completely. Infact Mark wouldn't mind seeing her folks actually. He just really wanted to spend a bit of time with Valorie. Her folks were bound to be pretty good people. It made Mark think... what about his folks? His dad aside, he figured maybe his mom could visit the academy...

"Oh... sure! I'd love to meet them!" Mark said. He was orignally going to ask to possibly train with her, but who would want to miss out on seeing their folks again? Mark admitingly wouldn't mind missing out on meeting his...but gotta set priorites straight. He could always see if there was time afterwards.

"I don't got any plans myself so I guess I could stick with you after class if your cool with that..." Mark said, still with a hint of shyness. He didn't get why he was like this, Sure he liked her but still, he knew her long enough for it to not get to him.

Valorie seemed to nod to herself as if silently going over her schedule to make sure this would work. Given, her schedule was mostly improvised. "Alright. Well, it's getting really dark and I haven't slept in--..." She just sort of shook her head for a moment. Sleep walking was certainly a pain. The real issue was however that she didn't get that it was not normal. "So I'm going to get heading back, alright? I'll see you after class tomorrow?" She flashed him a smile. "Don't forget~" And with that, she turned and began heading back to the academy, specifically for suicune dorm. Once she got there, she would flop down onto her bed and slowly drift off to sleep. Tonight would be... a good night's rest.

Mark smiled at Valorie as she walked away. "Don't worry I won't forget." Mark said happily. He turned back toward the Raikou Dorm Room and headed back to his Dorm. He needed all the sleep he could get. If this day was so eventful, the next day was bound to be just as crazy.

As they arrived to the room, Snype quickly jumped up onto the bed along with Mark. He didn't change or anything but just flopped onto his bed. Time for a good nights sleep...


After sleeping for who knows how long it was finally the begining of a new day. Mark struggled to get off of his bed and felt like sleeping more. His legs were actually in a bit of pain from all of the walking. It was definately going to affect him during the day. Snype poked at Mark's cheek which helped him wake up.

"mmmrmm... Morning Snype... time for another day huh?" Mark said. Snype smiled up at him and nodded. He checked on his schedule.

"Grass and bug type specialist huh... Well Able does need some training. And learning about other types is a good thing to know during a battle." Mark thought. He got up from his bed and began to prepare for the new day.

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