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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
Hugh and Corless are only in the PWT during the story part. They aren't part of it after that. They also aren't involved with the Gym Leader portion rather they are part of the Random/Mixed Tournament which just generates random pre-programmed teams as opponents.

As for Red and Blue, those are their official names. Ash and Gary are their Anime Counterparts, but Red and Blue are the actual names for those two characters from R/B/G. Blue is also known as Blue in G/S/HG/SS, the Gym Leader that took over Giovanni's place when he left after being defeated by Red. Red can be battled atop Mount Silver in the Gen 2 games as well.

Red and Blue are the only Game characters to be fully recognized as Champions in the games as well. Blue was recognized as Champion in Gen 1 and Red was recognized as a past Champion in Generation 2.

The sprites for everyone else was not included into the games so I don't know if they'd be able to remotely add them in. Odd are they won't so we will only ever have Champions and Gym Leaders. None of the characters from the Spin Off titles Colosseum are recognized by the main games so they will not make cameos into the games nor will their events be included. Spin off events don't exist in the Main game storylines.

The special character downloads are the teams from the real life people who participated and won various tournaments. The World Tournament participants which just finish will be made into a downloadable update for PWT. So we will get their generic sprites along with their Pokemon teams.
Then Silver should be the official name of your rival in Generation II as well. (Blue, Red, and Silver are all kind of.... bleh names. Very canonical. Wasn't the main name choice for your rival in Pokemon Yellow Gary as well? I mean, he's way better known as Gary than he is by his English name Blue and his Japanese name Green.)

Also thank you for answering my question about the special character downloads.

I still wish there were more combatants like the ones I mentioned...