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Originally Posted by Zagan View Post
Oh, one question - are the humans able to detain Poke spirits (just the spirits and not the weilders) since I doubt the adults can fuse with them, and I did have an idea for a interesting back story if you would allow humans to hold poke spirits to conduct experiments on
This should answer your question (hopefully)
In addition to being able to fuse with your pokemon spirit and take on their powers and some of their features you have the ability to absorb the pokemon spirits of defeated opponents, and if you're more cruelly inclined you can even absorb the life energy of defeated others themselves, in which case they would perish and their physical form be converted into pure energy. In a world without any creatures besides humans and very scarce edible plant life you may find that it doesn't take an evil lunatic to resort to... unorthodox methods of obtaining subsistence. That being said, it may be important that your character know when to run to avoid such a fate.
Also, Yellow, should I wait for Akio before posting?
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