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Albia- Courtyard

Kyle "Gallant" Dellan breathed heavily in, but the simple act of taking air into his lungs now was painful. He could barely move his arms, them being chained apart. There were quite a bit of injuries present from his recent endeavors, half of them caused by damage he received during his part in the Albia rebellions, Gallant being one of the ringleaders. The others were caused by torturing, which had been the Silver Tribe's passtime since he was captured and the Albia rebellions were brought down.

Positioned right next to Gallant was Jirmonji ""The Swift" Slynt, the other instigator of the Albia rebellions, and when they failed, he too was caught by the Silver Tribe. Gallant can only guess what their fate would be now, but it seemed that question was about to be answered as he saw a figure appear in front of him. It was then he realized his exact location, the courtyard in the center of Albia, both himself and The Swift chained up and awaiting what appeared to be a public execution. In front of him, Frost of the Sentinels appeared.

"A very merry hunt you both have led us on." Frost said, slightly irritated, but that expression dropping and being replaced by a malicious smile. "But in ends now. In just an hour, I'll see you both killed right here in the center of town. Might be good for the citizens to watch two Gold Tribe publicly die like this. It'll teach them from trying anything similar in the future."

Gallant the Sawk sighed and turned his head to The Swift. "I'm sorry I had to drag you into this, brother." He said to him softly, before bringing his head down and staring off into the ground. "I don't expect we'll be getting out of this situation anytime soon."

Gallant sighed again, remembering back into a memory of his past, back when he was an instructor of the Heroes Alliance School. As an awfully old Sawk at 49 years of age, Gallant saw many recruits come through his classrooms, like Hanso "TrueStriker" Sharpeye and Gladius "Sword and Shield" Clipeum, and much recently the likes of Zane "Vigil" Tyrael, Penance "Defender" Malum, and Replicus "Speculum" Descendas. He had trained hundreds of pupils in his years, but the thought of all of those students most likely dead made his stomach churn. He had heard that some of the Gold Tribe survived, but what was the likelihood any of them came from H.A.S.?


Albia- Sewers

"Alright, this fork is where we'll split up." Noctus said, cross-referencing the map with the area they were in currently. "Here." He said, handing a map he made of the sewers to Defender, TrueStriker, and Wildfire. "Lead the rest of your teams through the path and to the points I marked on your map. There should be a path up right to the watchtowers. If my timing's right, we should all get to the places at the same time. The Golduck and the Gallade can message the rest of us when they're in position, and together, we storm your watchtowers and take em out."

Zane nodded. "Sound right to me." He looked at the rest of the Gold Tribe before they were to seperate. "It might be a while before we'll be able to meet up again...but good luck to you all. Remember to watch each other's backs. See you on the battlefield."

Speculum grinned at Zane, and left with Dryad and Noctus in his own group. Calamity nodded and went to another path with TrueStriker. Guardia looked at Zane and Defender with a rather serious look. "Don't die on me." She said to them. "Either of you."

Zane looked at Defender, and nodded to Guardia, as she disappeared with her own group. Zane proceeded down his path with Defender. The plan was setting in motion, and so far, not another single soul was seen in these sewers. Zane hoped their luck would continue, not wishing for a repeat of yesterday's events...

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