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Orion Pierce

Orion stood frozen for a few more seconds before he did the first thing that crossed his mind......Unfreezing Desco. Takeing out a Full Restore, he sprayed all over the frozen Gliscor. She took a few breaths before letting out a low growl and looked around the room. He was gone, so Desco sighed. "Well, it will be a miracle if I sleep tonite.........or survive the week." Orion mumbled to himself. Looking back on all the events that happened after talking to Alex, it was fairly unbeleivable. From an interigation scene that should only exist in movies to shaking his hand, Orion felt he had his work cut out for him to try and win with such a partner, and that isn't even considering the fact that Desco compleatly hates him. And all to ask him something that shouldn't even matter: Are you gay? Orion went though his pack, which was fourtunatly untouched. He took out a fairly large thermos with a sling in it, threw it over his shoulder, and walked out with Desco. As Orion walked outside, an interviewer lieing in wait stoped him as he exited.

"Hello loyal viewers, this is Tate, comeing to you with a firsthand experience of the Pokemon Grand Tournement. Here now is just one of the many participants. Your name, age, and where you are from?"

"Orion Pierce, age 18. From Fortree, Hoenn."

"Excellent, and have you meet your partner yet, and if so, your first impression?"

As much as Orion was tempted to say that Alex was absolutly crazy, he lied, "Ya, I meet him, and it was.......interesting."

"And how did it---No Comment. But I didn't finish the ques---NO.COMMENT." Desco made a low, rumbleing growl to make it clear that he wasn't going to answer.

"Alright....So what do you think of this tournement, and how ready do you think you are?

"Well....I know it will be more challenging than anything I've ever done, since most Double Tournements allow you to choose your own partner. Alex seems fairly strong, so once we....ah.....get to know each other, I know we have a good chance of winning."

"Confident, good to see. Anything else you want to say?"

"Just a callout to all the people in Fortree who can afford TVs. Thank you for watching.......and please share with those who don't have a TV. Good night."

Orion left as she closed the broadcast. He needed to get to the Stadium fast if he was going to fill his Thermos with enough free coffee to last the night.
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