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    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    I have a couple of Tepig Eggs up for grabs.

    Just sayin'.

    If that interests you, VM me. I agree that Pansear is the worst however of all Fire types.

    Hi Cyclone,

    Thanks for your interesting offer, but I can't access to the internet with my DSi or my DSLite for the moment. My Internet Provider has changed our box and this new don't support the WEP key protection. And my sister is going to the see with it's 3DS. So, I don't connect for exchange.

    I must waiting for an updating software for my box.

    I have no great pokemon to exchange with you (I don't say that to hold my precious pokemon, It's true. I have on pc's box a Patrat level 4, a Lillipup level 4 and an another Sawk level 17). Ah yes, I have 2 pansear... .

    I didn't catch too many pokemon in this party. Because I am focus on training the four pokemon I have in my team.

    About Pansear, I don't play since long time but I think as you said he is the worst fire pokemon I met in Black, HG/SS. (I didn't play to the previous games).

    But thank you so much
    I'm not English. Don't hesitate to correct me. This is the way I can progress.
    Black team :
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