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    So, it wouldn't take too long to get to the watchtowers, then. Zane decided who would be grouped with who; Hanso and Calamity would take the southeast tower. There didn't seem to be any objections as the conversation continued.

    Penance turned to Hanso. "Just a precaution though, you and I will have to keep in touch with the other groups. Keep a telepathic link with Noctus and I can keep a link with Guardia. There may be some surprises waiting for us there.... possibly a Sentinel." He nodded slowly as he crossed his arms, "Never rule anything out!"

    Hanso glanced at the Cacturne. Might be a bit of a problem if Noctus doesn't like the idea. He knew he'd met other Pokemon who didn't like telepathy at all, or felt that it was an invasion of privacy, or some other reason. Penance added that they should get out of the tower if it felt like the stairs or tower would give out. As to whether Hanso or Penance would stay in the skies with was debatable, in Hanso's mind. Penance was the planner and, possibly, less experienced in open battle; he might do better as a lookout in the sky. On the other hand, Hanso was smaller, and he had his Heal Pulse and sharp eyes. Yet, he was older than Penance, which meant more experience. At least, that was his opinion.

    We have time to settle this, so long as we don't put it off 'til the towers.


    "Alright, this fork is where we'll split up." Noctus said, cross-referencing the map with the area they were in currently. "Here." He said, handing a map he made of the sewers to Defender, TrueStriker, and Wildfire. "Lead the rest of your teams through the path and to the points I marked on your map. There should be a path up right to the watchtowers. If my timing's right, we should all get to the places at the same time. The Golduck and the Gallade can message the rest of us when they're in position, and together, we storm your watchtowers and take em out."

    Hanso accepted his map and looked it over, mentally noting the southeast tower and the path to get there. Before they had left Hoodhide's village, Hanso had made sure his bracer and Gold Tribe emblem were secure on his arm. It seemed possible that the emblem could give him away, somehow, but Hanso wasn't going to leave it behind this time. He folded his map so that he could slip part of it under his bracer before he and Calamity left on their route.

    As they walked away from the others, Hanso reached out with his mind to Noctus. "Easier to establish this link now, rather than when we're further apart. Let me know if something goes wrong on the way to your tower." If there did happen to be any traps around one tower, then chances were, they'd be around the other three.
    Let's hope we see them coming.