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Kayla and Holly

Holly yawned as the sun's light reached her eyes. "Morning already?", she said as she looked around the room. She looked down at Molly, the Munna who was still asleep in her arms. She poked her a little and Molly woke up yawning. "Good morning, Holly!", she said. Holly yawned and looked around some more. "Where's Kayla?", she asked. Molly looked around and noticed a piece of paper on the bed. "She left a note.", she said, pointing to the paper. holly picked it up and read it. Dear Holly, thanks for the awesome sleepover. I decided to leave a little early because I know how much of a grumpy-pants you are in the morning. Oh, and your class today is a Poffin making class. You might want to tie your hair up. Bye~ Holly stared at the note for a minute. "Am I really a grumpy-pants?", she asked. Molly thought for a second, trying to avoid the question. "Well--", she started to say. Her thoughts were interrupted when Lumina came out of her pokeball. "Yay! I'm hungry...", Lumina said. Molly sighed and picked the Litwick up with Psychic. "You should go get ready.",she said, playing with Lumina. Holly nodded and walked to the bathroom, picking up some clothes so that she could take a shower. She left her
Xtransceiver next to Molly, telling her to answer it if someone calls. Molly nodded and watched as Holly left.

Holly walked into the bathroom and took her shower, trying to make it last as long as possible. After she finished, she got dressed and walked out, picking up her hair so that it wouldn't drag on the floor. She stood in front of the mirror, trying to figure out what to do with it. After a while she just decided to put it in a single ponytail on top of her head. "It could look worse...", she said. Her Xtransceiver rang and she jumped a little. She answered it, hoping that it wasn't her sister. To her surprise, it was her brother. "Hey.", he said. "Hi, Chase.", Holly said. There was a slight pause when Holly suddenly heard a crash. "What was that?!", she yelled. Chase looked around a little and then turned back to the screen. "Nothing. Amy's just trying to do something with her hair. Speaking of hair... did you do something with yours?" Holly looked at her brother for a second and then realized that he was talking about her different hairstyle. "I just had to put it up like this since I'm taking a Poffin making class.", she said. "Chase, get your butt over here!", someone yelled. "Sorry, Holly. I have to go.", Chase said. Holly nodded and hung up. "Well I guess it's time for... school.", she said. "Let's go get breakfast.", Molly said. Holly nodded and walked towards the cafeteria. When she got there, she sat in a corner and put her head on the table. Molly looked at her and went to go get some food. Holly looked up at her for a minute and put her head back down. "No, Molly. I don't feel like eating.", she mumbled. Molly looked at her for a second and sighed.

Meanwhile, Kayla was having an argument with her brother about something she did before she left. "Why would you do something like that?!", her brother yelled. "Because... it was fun.", Kayla said into her Xtranceiver. "Besides... you need to stop being so stuck up and snooty. Well, bye!", she said hanging up. "I hope Holly's not having a panic attack...", she thought.
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