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    Jack Jacobs
    Suicune Dorn

    The most hated sound all around the world....your alarm clock waking you from deep deep sleep, waking you from your dreams and your pleasant slumber. The only good thing about it was that it was the symbol for a new day and another adventure that was possibly awaiting him after class, and speaking of class "Advanced Pokemon Theory: Understanding Types, Interactions and Exceptional Strategy" Just saying that almost made Jack's head hurt he could only imagine what was actually going to happen when the class started.

    A quick shower, getting dressed and out of the dorm he went, blue jacket hanging off his shoulder as he walked through the courtyard. Even this early in the morning there was still so much activity around that you could barely hear yourself think but it was a good type of noise. Jack always liked to just sit and "overhear" people talk about their pokemon and experiences it was just nice to hear about how others have been doing so far.

    For that reason it was decided, Jack found the nearest empty bench and took residency their getting as comfortable as possible before having to head off to class.....
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