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    Originally Posted by SuperLow View Post
    I have a question, if I am about to post a chapter with a particularly violent or sexual scene would I be allowed to give a warning and then place the chapter into a spoiler? That way people wouldn't have to read the chapter if they didn't want to read the type of content inside it.
    A warning at the beginning of the chapter would be nice, but as DracoFlare said, changing the rating of your story is even better. However, it's still good to warn readers in case they do feel uncomfortable. Also, I'm pretty sure PC doesn't allow any sort of sexual scenes, aka smut fics, so if you're planning on sexual scenes, it's best that they're implied rather than fully described. Otherwise, you could get banned. Violence is acceptable, though.

    And I don't like reading anything in spoilers, but that's just my annoyance more than anything.
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