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    Chapter 2

    Jesse, James and Meowth were sneaking around the Team Missile base to find the rare pokemon. Their backs were against a wall near a corner.

    Hey, Jess, Meowth whispered. Found anyone yet?

    Jesse spotted a man in a lab coat walking towards them from around the corner.

    Spotted one! Jesse whispered back in reply.

    As the man in the lab coat walked passed, Jesse hit him on a head with a huge paper fan, knocking him out.

    She searched through the lab coat and found the mans ID card, meaning that theyll be able to get through any door.

    We did it! James said excitedly.

    We? Jesse said as her eyes narrowed.

    Back at the battle, Mane knocked out Black Jacks Nidoking and Ashs Sceptile while they knocked out his Suicune. At that moment, Manes Zapdos was on the battlefield.

    Looks like Mane has used this gadget to boost up the speed of his Zapdos, Black Jack said. Well have to use our flying pokemon to beat that thing.

    Good idea, Ash replied. Swellow! I choose you!

    He threw out his pokeball and Swellow flew out of it. Swellow! Swellow!

    Salamence! Black Jack yelled. Time to fly!

    He chucked out his pokeball and Salamence flew out giving out a loud roar.

    Salamence! Flamethrower attack! Black Jack yelled.

    Salamence breathed in as he charged up his attack, and then he shot out a huge lick of flame directly.

    Zapdos! Mane yelled. Quick attack!

    Zapdos quickly dodged the attack and zoomed directly at Salamence, but the dragon saw it coming and barely dodged out of the way.

    Swellow! Ash yelled. Wing attack!

    Salamence! Black Jack yelled. Tackle it!

    Swellow teamed up to take down Zapdos with their combined attacks. Zapdos! Mane yelled. Drill peck!

    Zapdos began to spin round, and flew twice as fast as the two attacking pokemon, aiming the attack at them. Its attack hit them both simultaneously and caused a lot of damage.

    Salamence and Swellow staggered after the impact. Zapdos is quite a speedster, wouldnt you say, you two? Mane asked. Next to Nanbas Electabuzz, your pokemon look a little chubby as well.

    Black Jack smiled confidently. Youre reminding me of Nanba right now, Mane, he said. You spent so much time with your machines that you made your training skills a flat line. And theres a down side about those microchips, even though they increase your pokemons powers, they have no control of their will because of the mind controlling ability of those chips and you know what than means.

    Mane giggled. Maybe, just dont forget whos using the legendary pokemon. Zapdos! Thundershock attack!

    Zapdos shot the electric attack at Swellow.

    Swellow! Ash yelled, as he knew the attack was coming for his pokemon. Agility and Quick attack!

    Swellow dodged the attack and at the same time aimed his attack at Zapdos, which the same as Zapdoss when he used Drill Peck attack. The move connected, and Zapdos was sent quite a distance away but managed to regain its balance as it kept on flying to avoid hitting its back against the wall.

    Surprised, Mane? Ash asked. Technology is not the way to show a pokemons true power!

    Swellow has weakened Zapdos and it is close to that wall, Black Jack thought as he looked at Ash, who also looked back. Now its time to smash!

    Swellow! Ash yelled. Sky attack!

    Swellow glowed as he flew directly at Zapdos at meteor speed. But Zapdos barely dodged the attack, but Swellows attack was a decoy for Salamences attack as he dived down on Zapdos!

    Salamence! Body Slam attack! Black Jack yelled.

    Salamence caught Zapdos and aimed its head towards the floor slamming it. Zapdos became knocked out after that thunderous impact!

    No! Mane cried. My poor Zapdos!

    It wasnt even yours to begin with, Black Jack said. No one can own any pokemon!

    You just gave pokemon training a bad name, Mane, Ash yelled. To battle, you cannot force pokemon into it, youll have to treat them with the respect they deserve!

    Just save your breath for the rest of the battle, Mane said as he called back Zapdos. For I have big surprises for you two.

    Ash and Black Jacks eyes narrowed in suspicion, not knowing what kind of pokemon Mane has up his sleeve. Go, Pokeball! Mane cried as he tossed it out.

    A rainbow-bird-like pokemon popped out of its pokeball with Black Jack and Ash staring in awe. HO-OH!? they cried.

    Yes, quite a surprise, isnt it? Mane replied. Ho-oh! Flamethrower!

    Ho-oh shot a huge lick of flame out of its beak. Salamence and Swellow barely avoided the attack.

    Swellow! Ash yelled. Retaliate with your quick attack!

    Swellow did as he was instructed as he dived directly at Ho-oh. The move hit Ho-oh in the midsection, Swellow quickly moved away from him.

    Now, Salamence! Black Jack yelled. Hyper Beam attack!

    Salamence quickly shot out a huge beam of energy directly at Ho-oh. Counter with your Fire Blast, Ho-oh! Mane yelled.

    Ho-oh quickly shot out a huge fire blast, which showed a Chinese symbol.

    Both attacks connected. Salamence, using his Hyper Beam attack, struggled to push the Fire Blast attack away. Swellow! Ash yelled. Help Salamence out! Use Sky attack!

    As Swellow dived down towards the two strong attacks, he glowed vigorously and collided with them. But instead of all three attacks exploding, Swellow used all of his strength to push the Fire Blast attack towards Ho-oh, with the help of Salamences Hyper Beam. The was a blinding explosion on impact, as all three attacks zoomed in on Ho-ohs midsection, much to the trainers surprise.

    After the impact, Swellow and Ho-oh fell to the floor. Ash and Pikachu ran over to Swellow to see if he was seriously hurt.

    Swellow! Ash cried.

    Pikachu! Pikachu cried.

    Swellows just unconscious, Black Jack said. Taking three strong attacks has taken a lot out of him.

    I agree, Ash said. Swellow, return.

    Swellow returned back to his pokeball. As Ash and Black Jack looked at Ho-ohs direction, the legendary bird had bruises and dirt all over its body, but its face showed no expressions of pain as it began fly up again.

    Its still there? Ash asked in a shocked tone. How come?

    Its the microchip on one of the parts of its body, Black Jack replied.

    Why of course, Mane said. Ho-ohs a legendary pokemon, yknow.

    Ho-oh must by a very strong pokemon next to Lugia in the orange islands, Ash thought. I just hope that Mane hasnt caught him.

    Ash picked out another pokeball off his belt. Charizard! he yelled. I choose you!

    Charizard came out of his pokeball and gave out a loud roar. Salamence flew down and glanced at him, not forgetting his defeat in the final against him. Ash and Black Jack noticed that their pokemon saw each other as rivals.

    Both dragon-like pokemon looked at the legendary pokemon, Ho-oh, and decided to put their rivalry aside as they flew high in the air. They were so high up that they wouldnt be able to hear their trainers instructions. With instructions or not, Black Jack and Ash had faith in their pokemon.

    Both Charizard and Salamence flew directly towards Ho-oh and shot out their Flamethrower attacks at it. Ho-oh managed to dodge the attack quite confidently, as it flew upwards.

    Both Charizard and Salamence looked at each other and with determination. Salamence shot another flamethrower at Ho-oh, who confidently dodged the attack again. But that was a decoy as Charizard flew directly at it and punched it directly in the face.

    Ho-oh spun round uncontrollably as Salamence dashed at it and tackled it in the right wing. As Ho-oh finished spinning around, Salamence and Charizard dashed towards it to make their final attack on it. But it shot out a huge Hyper Beam at the shocked Salamence. Seeing the danger, Charizard shoved Salamence out of the way and got hit instead.

    CHARIZARD! Ash cried as Charizard fell to the floor.

    PIKA! Pikachu cried.

    Salamence continued the attack that he and Charizard thought of earlier shoved Ho-oh down until it crashed on the ground.

    Mane let out a huge scream with shock and disbelief at the fact that another of his pokemon being defeated. No! He cried. This cant truly be happening!

    Salamence then flew over to check on his rival and friend. Charizard, despite the pains and bruises on parts of his body, quickly picked himself and gave out a loud roar, knowing that world history has been made a Charizard and a Salamence took down a legendary pokemon, Ho-oh. But suddenly, he felt a bit disappointed as he remembered that Ho-oh was being brain controlled by a microchip.

    Seeing that, Ash was relieved that Charizard was still able to stand up, even after the Hyper Beam attack by Ho-oh.

    Those two have proven worthy of becoming Team Missile soldiers, Mane thought. I must make a deal with them.

    Oh, boys, he called out. Why dont we end this nonsense battling and you two come and work for me. I promise a good maximum wage.

    Black Jack and Ash looked sternly at Mane, letting Mane know what that meant without saying a word.

    Alright, five thousand, final offer.

    Fat chance, Black Jack snarled in reply.

    What part of no dont you understand? Ash said.

    Fine, Mane replied back. You two will be working for me anyway. Its only a matter of time, you two. HAHAHA!


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