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    Jirmonji sighed. "Can we get this over with? My brother is waitin for me you know." he started to complain. "Your stench is also assaulting my nose. When was the last time you bathed?"

    That comment infuriated her. "You insolent rebel dog! I'll have you know that I bathe daily!" she began to shout. "You and your petty 'brother' will face more than death. You shall be-" she didn't finish.

    "Shut the hell up. Your being a *****." Gallant cut in. He winked at Jirmonji. "Spare us the details of your mornings. Speaking of mornings, will we be served breakfast?"

    Jirmonji added in smirking, "Yes. I am famished. Nothing to to eat but that filth you call gruel and those rocks you call bread. Perhaps some berries. That would be rather nice for a change."

    Gallant's comment made her snap. "Your lucky I didn't kill you when your petty rebellion started." she growled and looked as if a shadow ball or blizzard was in order.

    "Pity you didn't. That would save us this heat. Not to mention your stink." Jirmonji winked at the Frosslass. "If you would be kind, I'd like the pleasure of you killing me in fair combat."

    "No. You'll have no such pleasure, you fool." was the icy reply.

    He looked the Frosslass in the eye. "Fine then. It seems that honor has left you, just as you left the Tribe. You and your 'petty' rabble. You piles of scum, you filth, you traitors, you cowards, you were never brothers. Just wicked eunuchs in a disguise. Burn in hell you demon." with that, he added one last phrase. "Let this coward kill us brother. It'll make our end comical. The foolish witch refused to kill us with honor." he looked down.

    Frost hesitated, but roared with anger. "Fine. Have it your way. You can fight, but if I win, I kill you both. If you win, you can go free." Jirmonji exclaimed with joy...on the inside. "However, it must be both of you who fights." It was all going according to his whole plan.