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hey that was weird why'd she run off like that
''hey you stupid loser you annoyed my snorlax now i challenge you to a single pokemon battle. i'll be using snorlax what lousy pokemon will you use idiot''said a brown haired white man. he must of been that snorlaxes trainer.
darkert thought for a moment then produced an orange cd out of his bag and gave it to shiftry. shiftry learned brick break! death tree is my choice he finnaly announced ''ok get ready to be beaten''
''shut up'' the mysterious trainer said.

the battle has started(ms=snorlax man)

MS ''ill take first move ''
''snorlax use heavy slam''
snorlax jumped into the air glowing silver as it flew before landing on shiftry.
DC '' this battle is over already shiftry use brick breakso rapidly his belly goes in and stays in.''
shiftry goes into the air and when he comes back down he keeps jumping on and karatae chopping snorlax. eventually snorlax gave in so the victor was darkert.

'' what's so scary about my name''
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