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Sovereign & Vera Fayos

As Sovereign and Vera walked into town, they noticed something strange. "Where is everyone?" Sovereign was not expecting empty streets upon arrival. "Maybe the rebellion has everyone spooked," guessed Vera. This seemed a reasonable eplaination given recent circumstances. "I'm going to the cemetary," said Vera, "I'll meet up with you later." She walked away without another word. This was no problem to Sovereign. He was much more interested in figuring out where everyone was.

After a little wandering through the city, he eventually found a crowd of people looking at a group chained up on the ground. "A very merry hunt you both have led us on." Damn. Sovereign hated Frost with a burning passion. "But it ends now. In just an hour, I'll see you both killed right here in the center of town. Might be good for the citizens to watch two Gold Tribe publicly die like this. It'll teach them from trying anything similar in the future." They were Gold Tribe. Good. They managed to capture the leaders of the rebellion. Sovereign pushed his way through to the center of the crowd.

The Gold Tribe members were talked a little amongst each other. Sovereign ignored Frost as he approached the Scizor. "So what now? Are you just going to sit there and wait to die?" He found it disgusting. It would be better to die than to be captured. "Show me you've still got some fight left in you." He spoke as if he had been personally insulted, as he leaned in close and stared fiercely into his eyes with all the hate in his soul.