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Albia- Courtyard

Unsure of how he had done it, Gallant watched as the Swift had managed to convince Frost to let them go if they won in a fight. A Tyranitar managed to come forward and took a jab at the Scizor, causing him to erupt in anger for a moment, only to be quelled down by Gallant. Now, it seemed they would both have their chance to fight.

"Break both of their chains." Frost commanded to an Ancient closeby. The obeyed, and Gallant and Swift were both released from their bindings. A circle of Ancients formed around the two of them and Frost. "I'm in a rather good mood, so I'll let you both fight." She turned to the large Tyranitar that had arrived. "Sovereign, would you care to assist me? You may fight the Scizor. I shall take on the Sawk. If you beat us, you're free to go, if you lose, you die here on this very spot."

Gallant nodded in understanding. A fight against a Sentinel would be tough. But they each had to fight one now. This wasn't going to be easy.


Albia- Sewers

As the Gold Tribe split up and went their separate directions, Zane followed Defender silently down their own path. He had specifically positioned both of them to go the same direction because he wanted to make sure Defender was still alright mentally. He also thought that if he went with him, he could try to prevent the Golduck from learning anything he shouldn't at the moment.

"What was Guardia lying to me about Vigil?" Zane stopped dead in his tracks. Defender continued walked, so after a moment of Zane composing himself, he caught up and walked behind him again. Defender explain how he was able to tell that they were all acting suspiciously, and for good reason. Zane wasn't much of a good liar, as Penance had mentioned, and everyone else was a bit slow to put together the lie. This couldn't end well, especially if Defender broke down just before they started their operation.

"Defender..." was all that Zane could say at the moment, until Defender assured him that he wouldn't grill for answers at the moment, until this battle was finished, one way or the other. So Zane continued to follow silently, still unsure of what to do or say when the time truly came.


"Easier to establish this link now, rather than when we're further apart. Let me know if something goes wrong on the way to your tower." Noctus heard in his head, the voice coming from the Gallade.

"I hear ya." He acknowledged, as he pressed forward with his group. The sewers curved left and right like a maze. Truly, without a guide or a map, one would get lost in these places. Thankfully, Noctus had been down these paths enough times to know where to go.

"Let's see, should be another left and...ah!" Noctus exclaimed, as he noticed a ladder staircase that went up. "Alright we're in position. You should all be coming up on your own exists soon too. The northeast path should have a similar ladder exist, while the two south paths have a caged sewer opening. All paths lead right next to a watchtower."

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