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    Isaac Deladius:

    Time for some hardcore Parkour

    Isaac shot out of bed that morning. the sun was barely up and he was already for his plans that day. He grabbed his stachel of pokemon items and rushed out of the Entei dorm. after the hell of the last few days Isaac was focused on one thing training till his bones cracked under the stress. His number one way to train his pokemon was to train himself. Now it was time to go a head and put this into practice again.

    He sprinted down to the beach, specifically near the pier, and tosed out Hallow, Tach, and Zerak.

    "Alright guys. I'm sick and tired of things not going our way. If they don't think I'm good enough then we'll prove them wrong. Now hit it! dodge spar one!" Isaac shouted.

    All three of his pokemon began to launch attacks at him. Isaac rolled to dodge and even smacked Hallow's scyth aside to block an attack. Being only human the attacks did push Isaac back. he was forced onto the pier where he jumped from post to post trying to dodge his pokemon's onslaught. Some would call it crued. other insane. To Isaac this was the epitimy of training he was out there with his pokemon and was ready to take some hits. His scars were fairly obvious that he had been before.

    "Ok now dual spar. Tach with me." Isaac yelled.

    Tach rushed to his master and leapt onto his shoulder hanging on with his sticky sap. Zerak and Hallow, both masters of the sword wielding arts, prepared to attack.

    "Never again shall we be called weak. We shall be strong, and strong together!" Isaac screamed charging his own pokemon.
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