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Vincent Phoenix

Vincent peered oddly as one of the boys, the one from the jungle last night, simply stepped past him on his way to the shelter, muttering something about the other guy and putting his stuff in the shelter. Vincent shook his head lightly. “No no, go ahead. It’s not exactly my place, it’s more of a… community-thing, I guess.” He shrugged lightly, glancing to the two Pokémon halfly playing and halfly doing a fairly good job of catching a couple fish. (Up to you guys if we’re actually going to have IRL fish, or Pokémon that we cook up. Personally, I like the latter more, due to some moral choices that could come up later, but we’ll see.)

As he turned around, the boy had just continued to the shelter, without saying anything else, which annoyed Vincent a little. Everyone save for him and Victoria didn’t seem to be able to grasp how serious all of this was. He grunted a little and shook his head, noticing Victoria gathering up with a Vulpix and… well, a Pokémon he hadn’t seen before next to her. The boy simply entered the shelter, and Vincent figured he might as well see what she was doing.

He walked up to her and raised his brows in slight surprise as he saw the cozy little fire. He smiled a little and stepped over to stand a little half-awkwardly next to the fire. “This is really good. We’ll be able to cook the fish the… other guy’ll be catching. Now we just need a bit of clean water…” He raised a hand to scratch the back of his neck a little, trying to think of something else to say. He didn’t want everything he said to just be orders and “Good job, bad job”’s.

After a little while, he coughed quietly, deciding to say something. “So, uh.. you have a Vulpix, huh? I had one as well. She was my first Pokémon.” He sat down next to Victoria, having to admit to himself that the goggles actually did suit her really well, both when around her neck and on her head. He reached out as if to ask for permission from Pixie to pet her, keeping his eyes on the Pokémon. “What’s her name?”
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