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Vriska Van der Douchevald


While she expected a message from either Vincent or Jonathon, someone whose username was Plotter_Snover had been messaging her for a while, who it was was something Vriska didn't knew, but once she began reading the messages, she realized who it was.

Plotter_Snover messaged you

PS: Hey, Vriska!
Oh, sure, you don't know who I am!
Silly me!

LB: Actually, I already know who you are,

PS: Whoa, what, how did you knew?
LB: You're the only person who
I know who uses the word 'silly'.
Anyways, why does everyone know what my
username is out of the blue?
It's creepy!

PS: Oh, yes, that's why I was trying to contact you,
your brother Vincent gave your username to me, Jonathon
and god knows who else.
He apparently wants us to troll you while you're
at the Academy... So...
Was that good?

LB: Yes it was, pretty great actually...
But my brother certainly didn't realized I can't
get trolled if I'm logged off
*wink, wink*

PS: But...
I don't want you to log off.
I'll be alone, or worse: with Jonathon!

LB: Fine, then, but just because you asked.
PS: Yay! By the way...
Why didn't you replied.

LB: Oh, yes, that...

PS: Oh no! ... wait, how does he look?
LB: Well, he looks... EVIL
PS: Are you sure it's not a teacher?
LB: Why would it be a teacher?
PS: Well... because you're going to an ACADEMY?!
Where there are TEACHERS?!

LB: I, well...

Lovey-Buggey logged off

PS: :(

Vriska closed the gadget and placed it back in its place. Maybe she just assumed the worst out of a creepy name... But she would never apologize! She's just so proud of herself! She would actually prefer trying to socialize with her Pikachu...

"Chu, I chu-se you!" Vriska said with a jokey voice, she's always eager to say that joke.

Her Pikachu appeared from a beam of light among a lot of sparkles. Lousy glittery Pokeballs, Vriska thought.

"Chu!" Her Pikachu cried with joy.

"Listen," Vriska began with a very cold voice, "Let's leave things clear, you like me but I hate you!"

Pikachu stared at her for a while, without erasing his smile.

"But... I admit I would prefer to interact with you than with that teacher ever again."

"Chu!" Pikachu replied after a while with the same joy he always has.

Vriska took Pikachu and held it in her arms as she slowly approached the door. She wasn't ready to tell the teacher she thought he was a murderer just because of his name, but she didn't want any enemies that could make her fail in her classes in purpose.

She slowly opened the door, which creaked like those in horror movies, she expected lots of people staring at her... but luckily there wasn't anyone around.

I need to find that teacher..., she thought.
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