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Issac Deladius

Tach team battle

Isaac grabbed Tach and threw him into the air as Zerak and Hallow both tried to clothesline Isaac. Instead Tach went over and Isaac under. Issac caught tacht hen threw him at Hallow's back.

"Leech seed then toxin." Isaac ordered.

Tach shot a seed onto Hallow's back then filled him with a toxic purple venom. The little seedot had hung on for dear life as Hallow began to try and fling him off with some fancy flying. Then the two attacks acted up. Hallow felt his life drain, and the sting of the toxic attack at the same time and it disoriented him enough for Tach to jump off back to Isaac.

"Now where's Zerak." Issac muttered.

On queue the pawniard appeared using faint attack and knocked Tach out of Isaac's hands. Isaac kicked Zerak hard in the face and the steel type fell off the pier and sunk into the wet sand below. Tach landed tip down in the sand besides him. The two began to laugh, and so did Isaac, but Hallow wasn't one to forget his battle so easily. He came up on Isaac from behind and prodded him with his scythe.

"Scyt Scytheer" 'Fatality. I win.' Hallow remarked.

"Yes you do. good work. Focus will be key in multibattles. at least you're fast enough to go for more then one or swap targets." Isaac said to his scyther.
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